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Wood Finish Powder Coating

We are the service provider for Wood Finish Powder Coating Service, Polyester Shade Coating Service, Aluminium Window Wood Finish Service, Metal Coating Service and many more, we also provide Aluminium Powder Coating Service and many more. Click here to Contact

Aluminum Wood Grain Finishing Powder Coating Services

In the era of modern furniture, new technologies are constantly upgrading in the woodwork market. Satya Powder Coating has expertise in adding newness to woodwork and provides customers with unique style furniture. Avail our most in-demand service - wood aluminum powder coating at the best price and give a new look to your space.

Why our wood aluminum powder coatings are high in demand?

Our wood finish coating on aluminum base is a new and advanced process to make any fixture look better. Moreover, there is a raised demand for wood finish coating on aluminum in market for the following reasons-

  • Cost effective
  • Longevity
  • Perfect wood like finish
  • Easy to maintain
  • As these are not real wood, all the pieces of fixture will have similar appearance

Our team of experts has long-term experience in using this new technology of wood finish powder coating and has left all our clients with utmost satisfaction.

More details on our wood finish coating on aluminum base work

We believe in constantly upgrading our work to ensure high-quality. Along with that, here are some factors that set our work apart from others in the market!

  1. 1. Thick coating

    We use a thick powder coating which is 75 microns in general. This gives an even look and a smooth surface to the aluminum furniture, frames, door, window, panes, etc.

  2. 2. Eco-friendly

    In the process of using wood powder coating, no such chemical by-product or strong smell is released. We ensure safe and eco-friendly technology to use at home and even at commercial space.

  3. 3. Creative wood surface design

    Wood grain powder coating can add several textures. We are proficient in working with grain spray for adding more depth to the look! Every pattern we make is exactly similar as well as perfect.

Our successful 3-step approach

For a perfect wood power coating service, we conduct the entire process of 3 clear steps with excruciate detailing–

  • a. Step 1 – Pre- treatment: To prepare the base
  • b. Step 2 – Application: Spraying of the paint
  • c. Step 3 – Cure: The final and the last stage of putting a layer of film on the wood spray.

Why is Satya Powder Coating best for you?

Our wood aluminum powder coating will serve you the best quality work at competitive price. We ensure an on-time work and provide easy booking facilities. Also, our service includes repair and restoration in case of any damage incurred by us. So, call us for a hassle-free work and get your job done soon.

Prepare to add some ‘woody’ touch of elegance and regal at home!

Wood Finish
Wood Finish
Wood Finish
Wood Finish
Wood Finish
Wood Finish
Wood Finish
Wood Finish

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